The Top Ten 12th Grade Math Books for Keeping Math Skills Sharp

Feb 23, 2021

When a student finally reaches the twelfth grade, their thoughts are usually focused on graduating from high school.

Twelfth graders are seniors, with much of the high-stress work behind them. By senior year, many students have already taken the standardized college entrance exams (SAT and ACT are the most common). If they are going to attend college, they have applied to the schools of their choice and, worst case scenario, they are waiting to hear back on acceptance or not.

Many students find the twelfth grade year to be more flexible and have more freedom than the previous three years of high school. Different students use the increased flexibility and freedom of the senior year to experience different things:

Non-academic Pursuits

+ a part-time job, for those students who have not worked outside the home before now, provides an experience of what it’s like to deal with some “real world” requirements and deal with the directions of someone who is not a parent or a teacher

+ activities that are neither work nor school can round out a senior’s experiences. Volunteering for a charitable or political organization can offer perspectives that would not be learned any other way.

+ getting some rest is sometimes a good way to use the additional unscheduled time that an abbreviated school schedule brings.

Preparing for the College Experience

+ Keeping both brain and body in good shape helps a student better handle the increased need for self-discipline and focus in the college environment.

Both body and mind respond to the “use it or lose it” philosophy. Muscles and brains need to be exercised to keep them strong and sharp. Interestingly enough, the same overall approach works for both. Start off with the basics, then add more challenges as the basics are mastered.

Nowhere is this more applicable than in working to keep math skills sharp. Twelfth grade math is often a review of what was studied in grades nine, ten, and eleven. Curricula will actually present these concepts together in a single math course. By putting these concepts together and removing the artificial separation of types of math (algebra in ninth grade, geometry in tenth grade, trigonometry in eleventh grade) the student can begin to integrate mathematical concepts. This can be done by presenting the integrated information as 12th grade math problems, 12th grade math worksheets, 12th grade math games, and 12th grade math word problems.

Math is more than a set of formulae that students must be able to regurgitate on tests in order to get high enough scores to get into college. Math gives us all a way to tell time, know how much money we earn and if it’s enough to pay the bills, make change, find a place we haven’t been to before, read a map, use a phone, and measure things to see if they fit. And that’s just scratching the surface of how numbers make our lives easier.

The following books are available on Amazon. They provide twelfth grade students with a variety of ways to keep their math skills sharp, so college or a “real job” won’t feel so daunting, or so they won’t be out of practice in thinking logically.

Math Starters: 5- to 10-Minute Activities Aligned with the Common Core Math Standards, Grades 6-12

Get It Together: Math Problems for Groups, Grades 4-12

Data Analysis Using Stata, Third Edition

This book is an introduction to statistics that will well serve the 12th grader who is starting college the following year.

High School Math III Review (Review Smart)


High School Trigonometry Tutor (High School Tutors Study Guides)

Focus in High School Mathematics: Reasoning and Sense Making

Designed to introduce statistics and logical thinking to the 12th grade student.

Hands-On Math Projects With Real-Life Applications: Grades 6-12

The Ultimate Math Refresher for GRE, GMAT, and SAT

Real-World Problems for Secondary School Mathematics Students: Case Studies

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