The Top Ten High School Math Books Available on Amazon

Feb 16, 2021

High schools today give students a greater number of choices than used to be available. These choices include what major to pursue, what courses are required, what are elective courses for that major, and in what years it is possible to take some of these courses.

Math is one of the subjects that has often been pushed aside in the last ten or so years. Gone are the days when a high school student automatically had four years each of English, science, social studies, and math with a few electives shoehorned around these four central courses. The current high school environment is far more individualized, and far more flexible. Students who do not choose to follow a college-preparatory track do not have math requirements that are anywhere near as rigorous as a college-bound peer. In fact, high school students not planning on going to college often need to take only one or two math courses to fulfill requirements for graduation.

On a more positive note, technology has changed the landscape of learning. Desktop computers, laptop computers, tablets, ereaders, and smartphones all make study materials more available than ever. It is possible to get almost any book in some kind of electronic format. High school math textbooks, high school algebra books, high school math books in pdf format, and even high school math books free download are all available for a student to access. It is possible to have a textbook on a laptop computer, a tablet, an ereader, and a smartphone simultaneously so it is available whenever it is needed, wherever it is needed. Segments of a book can also be printed out when a hard copy works best for the student. How engaged a student becomes with a subject often depends a great deal on getting the learning material in a format that works for him or her.


Following is a list of the top ten math textbooks available through Amazon, ranked by user reviews. Most of these books are available in hardback, paperback, and electronic (kindle) form. Each book addresses some aspect of high school math – algebra, geometry, or trigonometry. The emphasis is on review texts, which provide a thorough explanation of a math topic ( a student can never review basics too many times). One exam prep book has been included on purpose for two reasons: to give ninth and tenth graders a glimpse into what the SAT exam entails and to provide eleventh graders with a comprehensive study resource to optimize their exam preparation and performance.

Calculus was not included in this group only because calculus is not a basic mathematical concept. It is a more complex, and more advanced topic, more suitable for eleventh or twelfth grade students. An Amazon search of “high school calculus textbook” yields 65 responses.

High School Math III Review (Review Smart)

The Essentials of High School Math: Covering the Standards Set by the National Council of Teachers of

Algebra Survival Guide: A Conversational Guide for the Thoroughly Befuddled

Presents algebra terms and concepts in clear, conversational terms that someone new to algebra can easily understand. The author even addresses why we study algebra when we study algebra

High School Math III Review (Review Smart)


High School Trigonometry Tutor (High School Tutors Study Guides)

High School Math I Review (Review Smart)

The Essentials of High School Math: Covering the Standards Set by the National Council of Teachers of

Dr. Jang’s SAT 800 Math Workbook

This workbook helps a student prepare effectively for the SAT, a standardized college-entrance exam. “800″ refers to the maximum (perfect) score attainable on the SAT.

Practical Algebra: A Self-Teaching Guide, Second Edition


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