Top 10 Books on Mathematical Analysis

Apr 7, 2021

Sometimes referred to as discrete mathematics, mathematical analysis is a branch of mathematics the deals with such topics as measure, limits, differentiation and analytic functions. This field is increasingly embraced as a significant part of modern business application, for example with developing Internet marketing metrics. While there are many good works that explain and discuss this field, below are ten of the best sellers found on Amazon.

Schaum’s 3,000 Solved Problems in Calculus

One of the world’s most respected authoritiesin the field of calculus, Schaum provides in this text a wide range of solutions to problems from every area of calculus. Students from beginners to advanced will benefit from a review of the problems that fit their areas of study. Designed to improve skills with calculus at all levels, these works have benefited more than 40 million students.

A New Kind of Science

This work has been long anticipated and includes a number of the author’s discoveries that are made public for the first time. Stephen Wolfram shares the results of a number of computer experiments that have reshaped how certain aspects of our universe are viewed. This is a work that will excite and intrigue anyone interested in the field of uncertainty and its applications to science.

Business Calculus Demystified

As the title implies, this textbook seeks to provide clarification and practical insights into how calculus can be applied to the workplace. The author, Rhonda Huettenmueller, has extensive experience in providing effective teaching methods to mathematical concepts and uses that experience well in this book. A number of useful practice problems with solutions, along with quizzes and a final exam, provide reinforcement to lessons learned.

Think Bayes [Kindle Edition]

This text is intended for those readers who understand probability and can program with Python. The objective is to equip the reader with the ability to use Python code to address and solve statistical problems and doing so without use of mathematical notation. The base capability leads to a focus on Bayesian approaches to statistical analysis. This is an excellent tool for those wishing to add to their comfort with Bayesian methods.

Understanding Analysis (Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics)

This well-received text is designed as a one-semester course on the concepts dealing with analysis. It is considered a challenging text that requires students to use their own analytical insights to effectively deal with and complete the presented proofs. It introduces readers to the concept of axiomatic arguments and provides insights useful in many technical disciplines.

Counterexamples in Analysis (Dover Books on Mathematics)

With an introduction to issues of real variables starting with calculus, this text deals with counterexamples, explaining the role of real variables. Examples and topics explored range from a discussion of the real number system to differentiation to Riemann integration. A large number of other topics provide a comprehensive overview of the subject in the first half of the book. The book’s second part focuses on the use of two variables and such applications as topological spaces and function spaces.

An Introduction to Error Analysis: The Study of Uncertainties in Physical Measurements

This second edition of John Taylor’s classic is useful for teaching and gaining understanding in the discipline of examining uncertainties, especially for students beginning more advanced studies in the sciences. The attraction to this work is found in its use of everyday examples, such as carpentry and certain historic experiments. There are a number of useful exercises that make the book useful for studies of physics, engineering, and chemistry.

Introductory Mathematical Analysis for Business, Economics, and the Life and Social Sciences (13th Edition)

The focus on a solid algebraic foundation by the authors Haeussler, Paul, and Wood make this book a favorite among works dealing with applied mathematics. The text seeks to provide tools for dealing with real world problems that require the use of calculus. One of the key elements of this introductory material is the way it is organized and flows.

rsion is going to help you brush up on your trig while on the road. It is a nice supplemental option that is able to work with you and give you the necessary assistance you might require.

Fourier Series (Dover Books on Mathematics)

This book is another in the popular series of translations by Richard. A. Silverman of Russian textbooks. This work includes nine chapters, dealing with a range of topics dealing with Fourier Series, from trigonometric Fourier Series to Convergence of Trigonometric Fourier Series to Eigenfunction Method and its Applications to Mathematical Physics. Readers will find a number of useful theorem proofs and 107 problems with answers to reinforce the learning experience.

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