Top 10 Elementary School Math Books

Feb 23, 2021

Back-to-school shopping is so much easier from the comfort of home, so whether you’re a teacher or a parent, you should consider getting your elementary math books online. From workbooks and textbooks to story books and even comic books, the ten choices on this list were created especially for students in first through fifth grades.

Sir Cumference And The Dragon Of Pi: A Math Adventure by Cindy Neuschwander, illustrations by Wayne Geehan

If math doesn’t come naturally to a child, don’t worry; it might simply mean they need an alternative approach. As researchers uncover more information about the language of learning and the necessity of a flexible curriculum, whole library shelves are filling up with elementary math story books. However, this delightful tale is definitely the best; the word play and illustrations are almost as magical as the medieval characters’ ability to make concepts like pi fun and easy.

Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers by Tom Bassarear

Of all the elementary math books for teachers, this one is definitely the most convenient and cost-effective. Most elementary math books’ PDF files are simply supplementary, but this is a virtual-only, screen-optimized e-book that offers a free trial just to make sure you like it. You can even choose to rent, instead of buying it.

 A-Plus Notes for Beginning Algebra: Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1

If your students are struggling to understand their school-issued elementary algebra books, consider supplementing their education with this workbook. It’s easy for a math teacher to digest and translate these lessons into grade-level-appropriate exercises, and because all 18,000 problems are based on real standardized tests, you’ll be laying an excellent foundation for more advanced algebra classes in the years ahead.

Math Made Easy: Grade 4 Math Workbook

DK Publishing certainly earned its status as king of elementary math book publishers among home-schoolers. Their fourth-grade math workbook is absolutely full of ways to easily explain mathematic concepts, encourage curiosity about mathematic problems, and assess the progress of a child’s understanding of mathematics.

Number Talks: Helping Children Build Mental Math and Computation Strategies

Do your students need a push to participate in math lessons? Is it difficult for you to pique their curiosity, or do you wish you could create lessons that would give them exactly the right strategies for the future? This multimedia resource is your answer; suitable for students from kindergarten through fifth grade, it includes a DVD full of actual classroom lectures, a paperback book with hundreds of carefully crafted discussion generators, and even some helpful ideas for starting your own number talks.

Reteaching Math: Geometry & Measurement (Grades 2-4)

Elementary geometry books don’t always work for every child in your class. That’s why Scholastic enlisted the help of real math educators to compile this helpful book of lessons, games, and activities. It will make it easier for you to review, clarify, and reinforce the most essential geometry concepts.

Math Work Stations: Independent Learning You Can Count On, K-2 by Debbie Diller

This spiral-bound classroom guide is an invaluable resource for anyone who teaches or home-schools early elementary school kids. It’s absolutely packed with creative ideas, well-explained concepts, and full-color photos that will help you transform any space into a functional math work station that stimulates young minds.

Summer Express Between Second and Third Grade

After making an appearance on many an elementary school book list, Scholastic’s Summer Express series is finally tackling specific subjects; this one helps kids retain everything they learned about mathematics during the second grade

Spectrum Math, Grade 4

“When will we actually USE this?” It’s the most common complaint that math teachers hear from their students: that the equations and concepts they’re learning will never actually come in handy in the real world. It’s very important to reverse this attitude as early as possible, and Spectrum Math does just that. It’s not just about passing exams or graduating; it’s about teaching students real analytic skills that they’ll use for the rest of their lives.

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