Top Algebraic Geometry Books

Apr 7, 2021

There are dozens of different algebra and algebraic geometry books out there, but when it comes to the very best, this is a list of the top 10 math books on the subject. These books are used by students of top institutes, universities, colleges and professionals. 

Basic Algebra and Geometry made a Bit Easier by Larry Zafran

This handy paperback is full of algebraic geometry prerequisites. It teaches the concepts in plain English as the subtitle promises. This is the ND book in a series by Larry Zafran, but anyone with basic algebra and geometry skills can understand the material. The first book, Math Made a Bit Easier, introduces readers to math’s basic concepts. Between the two books, virtually anyone can learn to master algebra and geometry.

Precalculus Mathematics in a Nutshell by George F. Simmons

This book teaches the basic elements of Geometry, algebra and trigonometry. These are all prerequisites for learning calculus which is why they’re commonly known as precalculus. Anyone aspiring to learn calculus should first master the principles within this book. These are basic concepts, but they introduce the reader to certain concepts, that make it possible to begin studying calculus.

Basic Mathematics for Grade 9 Algebra and Geometry by Tesfaye Lema Bedane

The freshman year of high school is when most people are first introduced to algebra and geometry. This book explains the concepts most closely associated with introductory level, high school math. Graphs and charts are utilized to express different values. Equations are also included in this easy to understand handbook.

Algebra and Geometry by Alan F. Beardon

The title is plain and simple so are the explanations contained inside. This may be the ideal math book for the parents of an above average child. The introduction algebraic geometry book features plain wording. However, it seems like it was written for pre-teens even though most children won’t understand the subject matter. However, this text book can teach advanced mathematics concepts to anyone in middle school or even elementary.

The Complete Book of Algebra and Geometry by School Specialty Publishing

This is another book best served for the parents of bright children. The concepts are explained in great detail, and the cover appeals to younger readers. There may not be many fifth and sixth graders ready to learn algebra and geometry, but that’s who this book is marketed towards. This 352 page workbook can be used as a study guide or a workbook for teachers. The pages can be written upon so each student must be issued his or her own copy. Parents can also use this book as a supplemental study guide during the long,summer break.

Mathematics for the Practical Man by George Howe

will certainly appreciate the plain English used in this book. Just as it advertises, this handbook explains math is practical terms that make understanding easier. There are few things in life more practical than numbers, and George Howe uses this practicality to put together one of the better Geometry and Algebra books. This isn’t the best book for children, but adults who need a study guide will find it to be quite helpful.

Geometry for Dummies by Mark Ryan

Many people seeking to learn something new will turn to the “For Dummies” series for lessons. This book which playfully calls itself a reference for the rest of us explains geometry in the same easily understood fashion that made the “for Dummies” books popular. Anyone who has a basic grasp on math should have no problem furthering their knowledge with Geometry for Dummies. Unfortunately, this book only covers the basic principles without getting into the more advanced principles. People seeking a more detailed look at geometry would be better served to invest in a book from the top three.

Ideals Varieties and Algorithms by David A. Cox

This book focuses on computational algebraic geometry. Complex subjects such as dimension theory are covered by this comprehensive book. People looking to learn the basics of algebraic geometry may find themselves overwhelmed by the complex subject matter of this book.

Passport to Algebra and Geometry by McDougal Littel

Learning Geometry and advanced math is like a journey, and this passport gives the reader access to higher learning. The wording isn’t particularly plain, but anyone familiar with advanced math will definitely benefit from the information located within this handy math book.

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