Top Ten Business Mathematics Books

Apr 8, 2021

Just as with any Top list, the rankings depend on the source of the top items. Personal opinion is impossible to eliminate from the rankings. Even when using empirical factual data, such as sales figures, indirectly includes the personal preferences of the buyers of the product.

The same is true when ranking the top 10 business mathematics books, as the educational and experience level of purchasers is critical to the list. The purpose for purchases (college, continuing education, specific certifications, etc.) also influences the results.

For example, a search for business mathematics books of Sultan Chand returns only one result, Business Mathematics by R.K. Sahu, but noted as “sold out” on their website. For a better example, features statistics and business mathematics books free download ability, including economics business mathematics and statistics. All of their titles are available as business mathematics PDF file formats.

The global seller,, notes the following business mathematics books as their top ten best sellers.

These are among the top 16 biggest sellers, including books that bypass mathematical processes, but fall in the ‘business mathematics’ category. While most of these are business mathematics paperback books, some are available as CD, Kindle and hardcover editions as well and as noted.

This top ten list covers various approaches for business mathematics any department focuses and target audiences. These top ten titles address a variety of business mathematics systems and theories, all of which are important to the study and application of real world business mathematics areas of concentration.

If this were a list of the top 11 best sellers, it would include Business Mathematics (12th edition) by Gary Clendenen, Stanley Salzman and Charles Miller. A paperback and Kindle edition in its 12th printing, this book has been a popular business math source since its 2011 publication date. It teaches business mathematics using real company cases and realistic scenarios, including explanatory examples and valuable exercises for readers.

Readers can also find popular business math-related books, in print and digital formats, including mobile apps for download, on other algebraic, statistical, economics and basic to complex functions involving single or multiple variable scenarios, often with exercises for readers to complete.

Other business math books that are worthy of some top ten lists include the following publications.

Fundamentals of Business Mathematics (7th edition) by Walter Williams and James Reed. This book focuses on first-year college students and offers learning by doing exercises in the basic skills of business mathematics, including examples of tax, insurance and statistics solutions with examples.
Basic Business Mathematics (2nd edition) by Joel Schaum, including theories on ratios, payroll, interest, stocks and bonds, statistics and annuities. Once again, the focus is on college students and entrepreneurs wanting to have a meaningful introduction to business math functions.
Business Math (16th edition) by Robert Schultheis and Raymond Kaczmarski. This book offers comprehensive material for personal and business mathematical theory, providing help in understanding personal and corporate finance, including spreadsheet applications and a data CD .
These examples make some top ten lists for business mathematics books that are well-respected, useful and popular. There are numerous additional examples that are top favorites of others, including scholars, educators and businesspersons in all industries. Seek out these and other titles to compile your own top ten list of favorite business math resources.

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