Top Ten Computer Mathematics Books

Apr 9, 2021

A lot of mathematics is required when you get involved with computer science and computer programming. While you may learn some in school, you may need to get involved with additional study. Computer mathematics pdf files, e-books, and textbooks are available so that you can take your study to the next level, learn the principles that you need, pass tests, and know what you are doing when it comes to working with computers.

Good Math: A Geek’s Guide

This is one of the top books to have when you want to look at mathematics, computer programming and overall logic. It’s designed for “pragmatic programmers” and provides a fast-paced tour through the topic. It’s available in e-reader format as well as paperback so that you can choose the format you will enjoy most.

Sets, Logic and Maths for Computing

Mathematics logic is covered in detail throughout this book. If you are majoring in computer science and you are an undergraduate student, you’re going to want this book. There are various problems covered and you will gain the problem-solving skills needed to be more successful within this subject.

Doing Data Science

When you want a unique look at computer science mathematics, this is a book that’s going to help you every step of the way. There are chapter-long lectures about algorithms and methods and you get to hear from data scientists from such companies as Google and eBay to hear what they have to say so that you know what’s going on in the real world.

A First Course in Bayesian Statistical Methods

Basic computer mathematics is covered within this book and it provides you with an intro to Bayesian statistical methods so that you can begin to understand the theory in greater detail. This is going to show you how to implement computer code and how to analyze data in various effective ways to be more successful within the world of computers.

Data Analysis with Open Source Tools

Open source is becoming more common within the software field and this book is going to help you to use open source to your advantage. The book goes over data collection and how to turn raw information into something that you can use in a greater capacity. If you have already been programming for a while, this book is going to talk your language. If you’re just starting out, this book may sit on your shelf for a little while before you can understand it.

Learning R

The R language is one of the many languages that you may have to deal with throughout computer programming. Data analysis, the software environment, and the R language are all concepts covered throughout this book. You will learn about various data types and get a hands-on tutorial throughout the 400 pages.

An Introduction to Modern Mathematical Computing

This mathematical computer programming book can be obtained for pdf, e-reader, or in hardcover depending on the format you like to read. It’s going to provide you with an intro to mathematical computing as the title implies, complete with a reference guide to help you along the way.


This book serves as an introduction to problem-solving and programming. When you’re just starting out, mathematics and computer programming will be easier with this book because the concepts are presented in an easy to swallow manner. It’s available for Kindle and paperback for your convenience.

Matlab Demystified

If you have ever found MATLAB to be confusing, you can begin to conquer it once and for all once you read through the 300 pages of this book. It’s going to provide you with an easy method of learning the information, give you the hands-on guidance and show you how to compute mathematics in a way that works for you.

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