Top Ten Counting and Numeration Books for Children

Apr 8, 2021

With bright colors and beautiful illustrations, the best counting books make numbers seem visually interesting. While some use real life examples to introduce math concepts, others simply introduce numbers and their order and value. Each of the books on this list helps teach your child the concepts they need to master to be ready for kindergarten and beyond. You can purchase each of these printable counting books online, and they all boast high ratings from buyers.

Richard Scarry’s Best Counting Book Ever

With many reviewers giving this book five stars, it definitely lives up to its name. Since initial publication decades ago, this book has consistently been one of the most popular counting books for children. Bestselling children’s author Richard Scarry introduces simple concepts like addition and subtraction using bunnies. Reviewers say the book keeps children’s attention by using easy, straightforward language.

Chicka Chicka 1, 2, 3

Highly rated by customers, Chicka, Chicka 123 is a fun, colorful book that helps children learn to count to 100. All of the numbers from one to ninety nine climb an apple tree together, until they are threatened by a pack of bees. This book is for preschoolers who are already familiar with basic numbers and ready to learn more. Many reviewers name this as one of the great printable counting books for kindergarten teachers to keep in the classroom, as it helps to introduce counting by tens.

Each Orange Had 8 Slices (Counting Books (Greenwillow Books))

Using the sections and seeds of an orange as a teaching tool, this book helps children master counting and start to learn the basics of multiplying and fractions. While it might be too complicated for younger children, it’s a perfect counting book to make older kids start to see how numbers relate to each other.

Ten Little Ladybugs

Ten three dimensional, multicolored ladybugs disappear like magic, enchanting younger kids as they learn about addition and subtraction. This book is ideal for smaller children, who will stay interested thanks to the added visual and tactile stimulation.

Counting Kisses: A Kiss & Read Book

Counting Kisses is a book that can grow with children, as long as parents still crave an excuse to shower them with kisses. Though the story is about a whole family kissing a fussy baby ten times, parents will end up handing out more kisses than that before story time is over. The fun and silliness helps distract children from the fact that they are learning as you read.

Teeth Tails and Tentacles (New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Books (Awards))

This award winning book uses parts of wild animals to teach counting. Wormell, an illustrator, brings the animals off the page with lively and realistic drawings. Older children will enjoy the level of detail in the drawings and the type of conversations they will stimulate. Reviewers mention that they anticipate keeping the book for a long time as children will not outgrow it anytime soon.

The Coin Counting Book

Once children have learned the basics of numbers, an interest in money is sure to follow. Kindergarten age children typically learn about coins at school, and are sure to come home with questions. Using coins, this book helps children to understand addition and subtraction. Parents can use this book to help children understand the value of dimes, nickels and quarters in addition to simply identifying which is which.

On the Launch Pad: A Counting Book About Rockets (Know Your Numbers)

Rockets and space exploration are the medium for lessons about counting and numbers in this book. Children will enjoy seeing every part of a space launch, including mission control and inside the rocket. Younger children in particular are the right audience for the simple illustrations and numbers.

My First Counting Book

A Classic Little Golden Book, this book has remained a family favorite for half a century. Animal illustrations and simple rhymes make this book ideal for preschoolers working on number identification and counting. As a gift for a child or grandchild, this book consistently gets high ratings.

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