Top Ten Linear Algebra Books

Apr 9, 2021

For some, linear algebra can be an intimidating process. I know people who can’t even explain what it means, let alone apply themselves to it. There are a number of ways to learn linear algebra or improve your knowledge of it. You could buy linear algebra textbooks, go online for some linear algebra books (free download), go online for some linear algebra books (PDF), or just go online and buy some linear algebra books (Amazon). Whether you’re one of the ones who wish to master it, or someone who merely wants to hone their skills, we have prepared for you the top 10 linear algebra books to further you on your path.

High School Math Common-Core Geometry Practice/Problem Solving Workbook for Grade 9/10

Linear Algebra (Dover Books on Mathematics)

This book is the most popular choice for those who have a pretty good grasp on the art of linear algebra. The book has exactly 400 pages of information, and as a bonus it offers the reader questions that come complete with hints and answers if they want to know if they were right, or if they get stuck. It is available in hardcover, paperback, and as an eBook for Kindle devices. This book is written by the late Soviet mathematician.

Basic Mathematics For Grade 9 Algebra and Geometry: Graphs of Basic Power and Rational Functions

Linear Algebra: A Modern Introduction

A great start for people of all ages, and is the most popular linear algebra book for novices. Written by Nova Scotian born and raised David Poole, it’s written especially for students who are looking to advance their knowledge in the field. It is available in hardcover and as an eBook for Kindle devices.

Lifepac Mathematics 9th Grade

Linear Algebra and its Applications (4th Edition)

Author David C. Lay wrote this book with the goal of helping students clear certain hurdles that people sometimes find with linear algebra, such as when the algebra begins to become more complex. Lay is a four-time university award winning Professor, and an expert on linear algebra. The book is available in loose leaf, hardcover, and as an eBook for Kindle devices.

Explorations in Core Math Grades 6-12

Linear Algebra for Dummies

This book is a nice start for the quote unquote “dummies” who really don’t get linear algebra. Like other books in the “for Dummies” series, Linear Algebra for Dummies is written in such a way to make the concepts of linear algebra more easily understood. It’s sold at a lower price than other books in this list, so it is especially valuable to those who fear that they may end up paying too much for something they just can’t understand. It can be purchased in either paperback format or eBook format for Kindle devices.

On Core Mathematics Grade 6-12

Coding the Matrix: Linear Algebra through Applications to Computer Science

Author Philip N.Klein believes in learning by doing, and he formed this book around that very idea. Klein is a Professor of Computer Science at Brown University, he tries to teach readers how linear algebra can work in computer science, such as face detection and Google’s PageRank algorithm. The book is only available for purchase in paperback format.

2013 Switched on Schoolhouse, 9th Grade, and Grade 9 Math Curriculum by Alpha and Omega Home Schooling

Schaum’s Outline of Linear Algebra, 5th Edition: 568 Solved Problems + 25 Videos (Schaum’s Outlines)

Authors Seymour Lipschutz and Marc Lipson have made available what is described as a “virtual tutor” to those looking to better understand linear algebra. The book comes complete with a bevy of things to help budding mathematicians better grasp the work. The book is available in paperback and eBook format for Kindle devices.

Algebra Survival Guide Workbook: Thousands of Problems To Sharpen Skills and Enhance Understanding

Linear Algebra and its Applications, 3rd Updated Edition (Book & CD-ROM)

An older version of David C. Lay’s work, it’s great if you can’t afford the more expensive fourth edition. The book also comes with a CD version. Available only in hardcover.

The Humongous Book of Geometry Problems

Introduction to Linear Algebra, Fourth Edition

Professor of Mathematics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology Gilbert Strang introduced new challenges to the series to help push readers even further than ever. Available only in hardcover.

Holt McDougal Algebra1, Geometry and Algebra 2

Linear Algebra Done Right (Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics)

Author Sheldon Axler wrote this book especially for math majors and graduates in their second cource of linear algebra, so this is definitely more for the well-seasoned mathematician. Available in paperback and hardcover.

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