Top ten math books on Linear Programming

Apr 7, 2021

If you are trying to learn linear programming it is a good idea for you to take advantage of some of the books out there. These different books can provide you with the necessary information you need in order to not only understand the basics of the mathematical philosophy but also the more in depth material you need as well. All of this is very important for you to look through, which is why you always need to look through the different books that are available to you and determine what works best for you. While there are hundreds of books out there focusing on linear programming, this is a list of the top 10 books that can help you succeed in the subject.

Linear Programming: Methods and Applications: Fifth Edition

The great thing about this book is you can purchase it as either a paperback or a hardcover. This way, you don’t have to spend the high amounts of money you might normally on the hardcover. It also is going to help walk you through the beginnings of linear programming all the way to the more advanced applications of the math format.

Linear Programming: An Introduction with Applications (Second Edition)

This book focuses specifically on just the beginning information of linear programming. This way, if you want a solid understanding of the basics and then want to look for another book to help with the latter material this is the book for you. You also have the option of purchasing it in either paperback or hardcover.

Linear Programming: Foundations and Extensions (International Series in Operations Research and Management Science)

This is a book that is going to not only cover the basic foundations of linear programming but also dive into an international element of the book. This is excellent if you are not specifically from the United States or are interested in how this format of mathematics can fit into with other regions of the world. With this book you can either purchase a hardcover version or download it through a digital download.

Understanding and Using Linear Programming

Understanding linear programming is the first step in actually comprehending how you are able to use the mathematical formulas in real life. This book is designed to help you out with all of this. It also comes in either a paperback or digital file download.

Introduction to Linear Optimization

This hardcover only book is good if you already have a basic knowledge of linear programming. With this particular kind of math you can build on your current understanding and knowledge of the topic. If you have yet to crack the surface of linear programming though, you might want go with a different text book.

Linear Programming (Series of Books in the Mathematical Sciences)

This book has been around since 1983, but the information is easy to follow and has helped millions of individuals learn more about the subject in its 30 years. It might not have the sharpest images, but the material is presented in a straight forward, clear way that you should have no problem understanding it. It also comes in either a paperback or hardcover model.

An Illustrated Guide to Linear Programming

If you are an individual who learns better through illustrations and presentations than actually through reading formulas, this is the book for you. It comes in both a digital download and a paperback version, so whatever you feel comfortable with you can purchase. It also is a nice supplemental book, if you are looking for something to add to your current literature collection on linear programming.

Linear Programming and Network Flows

If you are in computer science and are wanting to understand more of how linear programming affects the performance of a network, this is the book for you. You should already have a basic understanding of linear programming before you opt into this book, but it is a nice selection for you to go with.

Linear Programming and Economic Analysis

This book, unlike the Network Flows option, is one that focuses on how linear programming functions with an economic analysis, which is best if you are going into finance.

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