Top Ten Math Books on Logic

Apr 7, 2021

Encouraging a love of math at an early age is essential, for a child to succeed. Children are expected to learn more, at any earlier age in school. These ten books can help a child to learn different types of math, while learning to love math and the challenges it can present.

These top ten math books on logic contain some of the following mathematical components; good books on mathematical logic, math logic truth tables, math logic puzzles, math logic games, math logic symbols, math logic pdf, math logic converse inverse contrapositive and math logic examples.


Math Logic Mysteries

This math book requires kids to complete math problems and while using their reasoning skills to unlock the clues necessary to solve matrix based logic math problems. Math skills covered in this book include number operations, probability geometry, decimals, fractions, decimals, percentages, measurements, and algebra. The book includes a comprehensive how to section for teaching math logic puzzles and an answer key, so kids can comprehend the thinking process for each solution. Math Logic Mysteries makes learning math fun!

100 Math Brainteasers

The majority of the math problems in this book don’t t require any extraordinary mathematical expertise, but above all, the math problems challenge one’s ability to think logically. This book contains a nice selection of one hundred arithmetic, geometry, and algebra that help to train the brain in math skills. Solving the math problems is a lot of fun thanks to the funny illustrations.

Math Logic & Word Problems

This mathematical logic book is designed to help develop critical thinking skills. The math activities are separated into categories – algebra, geometry, measurement, data analysis, number and operations, and probability. The book also includes visual puzzles, word problems, logic challenges, and patterning activities.

Challenge Your Brain Math & Logic Puzzles (Mensa)

This book is filled with logic puzzles that make you really use your brain. The books uses some of the older games such as Battleship and several of its variants, It also uses “Eminent Domain,” which challenges you to find the blank cells that are owned by the numbered ones. This math logic book is a lot of fun.

Impossible Folding Puzzles and Other Mathematical Paradoxes

These fun filled math puzzles start with the tricky hole, a challenge that includes pushing a big coin through a small hole on a sheet of paper without tearing or making any intentional holes in the paper. Once you complete that challenge you progress to several different math logic puzzles. This is a great book for anyone who needs help with their logic skills.

The Book of Brainteasers: For all fans of math and logic games and puzzles

For kid’s who enjoy a challenge this great illustrated math book will help kids “see” math in a whole new light. Not only will they enjoy doing math logic problems, you may notice an improvement in the critical thinking skills and in their math grades at school. This book is also great for adults who love to do logic puzzles.

Brain Busters! Mind-Stretching Puzzles in Math and Logic (Dover Recreational Math)

Brain Busters is a series of math logic books (they also come in math logic pdf form; you just have to look around Amazon for the downloads.)In this adventure you will be well entertained. This math book is entertaining; it forces you to think outside the box, and starts with basic logic and progresses to the use of more complex logic skills. As you advance through the puzzles it really forces you to use your logic skills to solve the problems/puzzles.

The Dell Book of Logic Problems, Number 6

This popular math logic book has 75 logic problems, to be solved. The puzzles range from visually oriented math puzzles to verbal challenges, in an eye-catching new package. The book is designed for users of all ages; it is a challenging collection of fun and learning.

Puzzles in Math and Logic (Dover Recreational Math)

This math book contains one hundred problems in logic and math complimented by thirty-one illustrations. The book features properties of numbers, combinations, permutations, solid and plane geometry, algebra, probability, and logic.

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