Top Ten Math Books on Pre-Calculus

Apr 6, 2021

Pre-calculus is a requirement in most high schools. It is also a required course for calculus. There are several books that can help you get a better grasp on pre-calculus.

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Pre-Calculus For Dummies

Pre-calculus for Dummies is a, hands on guide that will walk the student through all the important topics, from the quadratic equations, absolute value, logarithms, exponential functions, to trig identities, and matrix operations. With the help of this easy to use math book the student will soon have a good a handle on all of the pre-calculus concepts not just the basics. The student will also understand and be able to do the entire pre-calculus task from tackling proofs to graphing.

Pre-calculus Demystified 2/E

Understanding pre-calculus can open the door to learning about more advanced and math topics, and can also help the student fulfill college requisites. Pre-calculus Demystified is your ticket to mastering this math concept.

This is a self teaching guide about general pre-calculus concepts and as the student progresses they will learn about other topics such as, trigonometric functions, logarithms, exponents, graphs of functions, and more. There are detailed examples and quizzes at the end of each section and a final exam to help you along the way.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Precalculus

This book is suited for aimed at high school and college level students who need help or a refresher. It follows a typical pre-calculus program, and includes sample problems.

E-Z Precalculus (Barron’s E-Z)

This book is designed to help students teach themselves or refresh their skills. The book is designed to also help students improve their grade. These Barron’s E-Z books are used by individuals, in classrooms, online courses, and as workbooks in a classroom.

Schaum’s Outline of Precalculus, 3rd Edition

This math book includes more than six hundred solved pre-calculus problems, practice problems, and examples to help sharpen your problem solving skills. In addition, the student receives access to thirty detailed videos from math teachers who explain pre-calculus.


This pre-calculus book is written in a clear style, the book offers a graphical perspective so the student can develop a pictorial understanding of college level algebra & trigonometry. The book has good exercises, examples, and activities. The book provides the student with all the tools they need to succeed at pre-calculus.

Master Math: Pre-Calculus

Pre-Calculus is an inclusive reference book that explains and pre-calculus and introduces calculus ideologies in a simple, easy to follow style. Starting with the basic fundamental pre-calculus topics then progressing to more advanced topics, that will help the student prepare for introductory to calculus; the book clarifies pre-calculus using step by step actions and solutions. It is perfect for the student who needs some extra help.

Pre-Calculus by Design

“Pre-Calculus by Design” contains 42 activity pages covering a range of trigonometry and other pre-calculus topics. These include trigonometric functions and laws, graphs of functions, working with logarithms and exponentials, arithmetic and geometric series, and limits. The book uses a search-and-shade technique to make math fun. Students use a shading code to shade a grid on which answers to exercises are found. If the exercise answers are correct, a symmetrical design emerges. Teachers are given permission to reproduce the pages for classroom use, and a solution key is provided. Grades 10-12.

Precalculus workbook: Math workbook for students in grades 10 and/or 11

This is a workbook for students doing grade 10 or 11 precalculus course includes Interval notation, Equations, Quadratic Functions, Hybrid functions, Trigonometric functions, Geometry, and several more.

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